We Love Copenhagen

We belive that our city will be even lovelier when all businesses are rooted in the local community.

That’s why we rent beehives to the city’s businesses.




Yeah, we know bees on the roof sounds wierd! But who can fail to see the beauty in a city where businesses have their own honey bees?

We belive that a connection to the local community gives happier employees, a blooming bottom line and a city that buzzes with life.

The businesses rent the bees from Bybi and we take care of everything else. We keep  the bees happy and healthy and work with other social organisations to create new opportunities for homeless and long term unemployed within our honey industry.

We make sure that the bees pay as much as possible back to the businesses.  The rent agreement includes an inspiring CSR package, exciting events and lots of delicious, local and unique honey from the city!

Contact us to learn more about what your company gains from working with Bybi.

”When we heard about the project we could not say no. We are proud to be helping to create a greener Copenhagen, but also because we are doing something to make homeless a part of society. ”

– Arne Bang Mikkelsen, CEO, Bella Center

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