Our products are fantastic

We believe in making top quality products with an authentic story.

That’s why we have a professional production of ultra local products, that reflect the diversity of our city.

We have around 20 apiaries around Copenhagen. Most are placed on roof tops or close by the businesses we work with. From there the bees fly out to the villa gardens, parks and windowboxes to collect the nectar.

Our honey is produced in small amounts, to secure the unique flavour from each area and season.

We never heat our honey. This way the honey keeps the natural enzymes.

Honey from the city is a 100% natural and clean product. Theres more than one reason why that is. The flowers store most of the heavymetals in the stalks. If a bee should return home with polluted nectar or pollen, the ’guard’ bees of the hive will not allow the bee to enter. Also the bees have an internal ’cleansing’ system that secures that the honey comes out pure and delicious.

In Denmark we don’t treat bees with pesticides, antibiotics and other dangerous chemicals like they do in other parts of the world. We do however have very strict regulations about eco certifications, and that’s why our honey isn’t eco certified.